Borderline is out + Australian airplay!

Great news! Our new single Borderline came out and already had airplay on some really cool Australian indie radio stations! Watch it here:

‘Borderline’ 26th January 2018

Inspiring the album’s title with its ooh’ing and aah’ing, the London-set song tells a tale of sushi and love gone wrong.

Video by Frederic Vanhalst & Didier Lenglaert Make-up by Geertrui Peeters

Released on Noisesome Recordings
Distributed by Caroline Benelux

Recorded at Hightime Studio by Thomas Valkiers
Mixed by Michael Badger at Jaya Jaya Music (Melbourne)
Mastered at Jerboa Mastering

Composed by Marieke Hutsebaut

Performed by The Spectors: Marieke Hutsebaut, Filip Hendrickx, Ruben Peeters, Davy Vanden Broecke

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